Rainbow Six Siege Update Latest Version

Rainbow Six Siege Update Latest Version 1.77 Full Patch Notes 4.4.1

Ubisoft has released the patch notes for the new Rainbow Six Siege Update 4.4.1 , Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege update verison 1.77 is available to download now on PC. The Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.77 was published for the PC version. For the PS4 and Xbox One, the update will appear this week.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the latest installment of the acclaimed first-person shooter franchise developed by the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio.

Here are the full patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege update verison 1.77

Rainbow Six Siege Update Latest Version 1.75 Full Patch Notes
Rainbow Six Siege Update Latest Version

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes 4.4.1 – Update 1.77


We are happy to announce than South African server tests during Operation Shifting Tides test servers were successful. We have deployed permanent servers in the country for Xbox One and PS4.

We will monitor server stability a bit before deploying to PC. For updates please check here.


The Themepark Discovery Playlist will be removed from the main menu, but the Theme Park map itself will still be available for play.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.77 BUG FIXES


  • FIXED – [RFF] If the hostage is moved and killed by a Volcan shield, but the attacker leaves before their gadget destroys the shield, the defending team receives a loss and Goyo gets the TK penalty. (It should be the attacker who destroyed the shield receiving the penalty).
  • FIXED – [RFF] Hostage death is attributed to Defenders if the Hostage goes into DBNO from a GU Mine while being escorted by an Attacker (Attackers should receive the loss if they fail to revive the hostage before they bleed out).
  • FIXED – [RFF] If an attacker with a damaging gadget moves the hostage and quits before Wamai’s Mag-Net detonates the gadget, the defending team loses the round and Wamai receives the TK penalty.
  • FIXED – [RFF] Additionally, if hostage is moved, damaging them with any fire gadget (Capitao Firebolt or Goyo Volcan) and quitting the client before the fire begins to propagate will cause the round to end in a draw.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetic charm, uniform, headgear fixes.
  • FIXED – Claymores do not trigger when players approach with a deployable shield in their hands.
  • FIXED – Destruction sometimes not properly replicated after a JIP.
  • FIXED – Melee SFX can be muffled when prone.
  • FIXED – Players can place breaching charges or Ying Candelas on the wooden side of a wood-reinforced wall.
  • FIXED – Some deployable gadgets such as ADS, Evil Eye, and Bulletproof cams lose functionality when deployed in certain spots on window frames with the barricade removed.



  • FIXED – Goyo doesn’t receive any points for Volcan Detonation if he is dead when it detonates (previously a sad boi).


  • FIXED – The fuzing SFX for Hibana’s X-Kairos is not properly propagating through destructible walls or hatches.


  • FIXED – If Jackal kills an operator while his Eyenox is active, the circle tracking VFX and footprints will appear during the killcam replay.
  • FIXED – If Jackal kills a player with his Eyenox active and starts scanning another footprint in real-time, the scanning progress bar will appear in the replay as well.
  • FIXED – Older footprints are not visible for Jackal if he disconnects and reconnects in a round.
  • FIXED – Footsteps are desynced between Jackal and players in support mode after killcam plays.
  • FIXED – In the killcam replay, footsteps don’t disappear after the Jackal completes the scan in (in the replay).
  • FIXED – The Scanning progress animation and highlight effect for Jackal’s Eyenox is not present in replays.
  • FIXED – The age of footsteps does not remain fixed at the start of the scan.


  • FIXED – Kali’s Lv-EI destruction decal remains even after the gadget is deployed and destroyed.
  • FIXED – Depth of Field mask disappears during zoom transitions when in ADS with Kali.


  • FIXED – the number of pings does not match the intended number of pings displayed in the debuff counter (counter = # of times pinged -1).


  • FIXED – Drones remain jammed if they encounter a Mute gadget and disconnect, even if the Mute jammer is removed.
  • FIXED – The jamming VFX is not present if a player reconnects to a jammed drone.
  • FIXED – Mute jammer can be picked up while prone.


  • FIXED – Warden missing smart vision blue tint overlay on Theme Park when gadget is activated.


  • FIXED – If Wamai’s Mag-Net catches a projectile and falls, the projectile trajectory continues to follow the same path towards the Mag-Nets previous position before it fell.


  • FIXED – Valkyrie Black Eye can be rotated at 180 degrees if it hits an operator first.


  • FIXED – Various LOS issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Dynamic Clipping issues across maps.
  • FIXED – Missing rappel prompts.
  • FIXED – Various texture issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetic asset updates and clipping issues.
  • FIXED – Various map assets and prop destruction and collision issues.
  • FIXED – Drone clipping/collision issues on maps.


  • FIXED – Defender drones lose reception in the stairs shelves at 1F North Stairs of Coastline.


  • FIXED – Gap on floor of Consulate in 2F Meeting Room.


  • FIXED – Pixel peek on EXT Roof of Favela.


  • FIXED – Crouch/Standing collision issues with map assets on Oregon.
  • FIXED – Inconsistent vault prompts on Oregon.


  • FIXED – Red overlay in front of Barricaded door in 1F Cargo Front Entrance of Plane during prep phase.


  • FIXED – Players can get stuck on the wall when rappelling in EXT Ventilation Units on Skyscraper.


  • FIXED – Various exploitable angles and spawnpeeks on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Players can vault into the Arcade Machine on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Deployable gadgets can be deployed inside blue carpets on Theme Park.
  • FIXED – Walkie talkies on Theme Park continue playing SFX even after they are destroyed.


  • FIXED – Players can drop the defuser inside a grate at EXT South Roof on Tower and are unable to retrieve it.
  • FIXED – Power outlets in 2F Trophy Room in Tower can cause rubberbanding when destroyed
  • FIXED – Players are able to navigate to areas they should not be able to enter on Oregon.


  • FIXED – Various HUD menu and shop improvements and fixes.
  • FIXED – Various minor animation/modeling issues on Operators.
  • FIXED – Various cosmetic item visual fixes.
  • FIXED – Drone shaking from jumping on one drone carries over to another if both are deployed at the same time.
  • FIXED – Timer for TK offenses are out of sync between the HUD and floating banner.
  • FIXED – Interact prompt key appears empty when the primary prompt key is unassigned (PC).
  • FIXED – Missing SFX when throwing any throwable gadget while prone.
  • FIXED – Players can ADS and shoot during MVP screen if the match ends while they are on a drone.
  • FIXED – Mouse wheel sometimes loses functionality when scrolling through the Charm menu.
  • FIXED – SFX for various deployable gadgets can continue to play even after the deployment is canceled.
  • FIXED – [PvE] Pre-reinforcements on the 1F hatches are missing in Situation 7 on Oregon.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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