Rainbow Six: US Division teams, groups, and schedule

In line with the start of the new Rainbow Six Siege season “Steel Wave”, the teams and groups of the first phase of the US division are now known. Here you will find the most important information regarding group composition, rust and change of players of the participating teams.display

The starter season prize pool is $ 250,000. This was split up for the individual phases. For the first and the second phase, $ 50,000 are available. The remaining $ 150,000 is reserved for the finals.

The groups

The first team in Group A is the winner of last season’s North America Spacestation Gaming. These were then allowed to designate one of the three other teams in their group. The same was true in Group B for the runner-up team SoloMid. An overview of both groups follows.

Group AGroup B
Spacestation gamingTeam SoloMid
Disrupt gamingSusquehana Soniqs
Oxygen EsportsTempo Storm

Source: Ubisoft

Transfer and team overview

Spacestation gaming

Current line-up:

  1. Troy ‘Canadian’ Jaroslawski
  2. Javier ‘Thinkingnade’ Escamila
  3. Nathaniel ‘Rampy’ Duvall
  4. Dylan ‘Bosco’ Bosco
  5. Alec ‘Fultz’ Fultz

Disrupt gaming


  • Adam ‘Drip’ Kolodkin

(The team separated from him)


  • Nick ‘NJR’ Rapier

(Was hired as a replacement for ‘Drip’)

Current line-up:

  1. Zachary ‘Nyx’ Thomas
  2. Nick ‘NJR’ Rapier
  3. Aaron ‘Shuttle’ Dugger
  4. Read ‘Read’ Adams
  5. Alexander ‘Retro’ Lloyd


The organization recently joined the North American League. No Challenger League, relegation, qualification or previous ProLeague spot was required to participate in the new league.



  • Declan ‘Bugs’ McWilliams (Analyst)


  • Matthew ‘meepeY’ Sharples (Analyst)

Current line-up:

  1. Roman ‘Forrest’ Breaux
  2. Seth ‘Callout’ Mik
  3. Leo ‘Alphama’ Robine
  4. Alexander ‘Yeti’ Lawson
  5. Pablo ‘GRYXR’ Rebeil

Oxygen Esports

Current line-up:

  1. Davide ‘FoxA’ Bucci
  2. Gabriel ‘Laxing’ Mirelez
  3. Franklin Andres ‘Vertcl’ Cordero
  4. Spencer ‘Slashug’ Oliver
  5. Khalil ‘B1ologic’ Pleas

Team SoloMid


  • Owen ‘Pojoman’ Mitura

(Resigned as a player and coached the team now)


  • Braden ‘Chala’ Devenport (takes over the vacant space from ‘Pojoman’ within the grate ; ‘Chala’ previously worked for Spacestation Gaming before playing the previous Challenger League season with PogChamp)

Current line-up:

  1. Matthew ‘Achieved’ Solomon
  2. Braden ‘Chala’ Devenport
  3. Jason ‘Beaulo’ Doty
  4. Bryan ‘Merc’ Wrzek
  5. Emilio ‘Geometrics’ Leynez Cuevas

Susquehana Soniqs


  • Scott ‘NeptuneZ’ Webber


  • David ‘Iconic’ Ifidon

Current line-up:

  1. Seth ‘ supr’  Hoffman
  2. Alex ‘SlebbeN’ Nordlund
  3. Santino ‘Gomfi’ de Meulenaere
  4. Kevin ‘Easilyy’ Skokowski
  5. David ‘Iconic’ Ifidon


The organization recently joined the North American League. No Challenger League, relegation or previous ProLeague spot was required to participate in the new league.


Current line-up:

  1. Kyle ‘Mint’ Lander ‘
  2. Tyler ‘Ecl9pse’ McMullin
  3. Paul ‘Hyper’ Kontopanagiotis
  4. Alexander ‘Skys’ Magor
  5. Matthew ‘Hotandcold’ Stevens

Tempo Storm


  • Mark ‘MarkTheShark’ Arismendez (came as a stand-in)

Current line-up:

  1. Manuel ‘Sloppy’ Malfer
  2. Tim ‘Creators’ Humphreys
  3. Mitch ‘Dream’ Malson
  4. Giuliano ‘Krazy’ Solon
  5. Mark ‘MarkTheShark’ Arismendez
  6. Alex ‘Butterzz’ O’Campo (paused)

Which organizations are not represented?

There are some changes to the new Rainbow Six Siege e-sports season. These also affect the teams or organizations used by fans.

Luminosity gaming

The organization separated from its line-up and lost its place in the league.

Evil Geniuses

The organization separated from its line-up and lost its place in the league.

Team Reciprocity

The roster went to Oxygen Esports.

The North American broadcast line-up

HostJacki Jing
AnalystLoviel ‘Velly’ Cardwell
AnalystJesse Chick
CasterParker ‘Interro’ Mackay
CasterMichael ‘KiXSTAr’ Stockley
CasterJohn ‘BLU’ Mullen
CasterSamuel ‘Stoax’ Stewart

When does it start? – The Schedule

The first phase of the upcoming North American League season starts on Monday, June 22nd in the first game day. The game is always played at 6:00 PM EDT. According to German time, this is on Tuesday at 0:00 a.m. The matches on the first day of the game are:

Group A

  • Oxygen Esports vs. Disrupt gaming
  • Spacestation Gaming vs. eUnited

Group B

  • Tempo Storm vs. Team SoloMid
  • DarkZero vs. Susquehanna Soniqs

Then the following Wednesday, or Thursday after German time, continues with the second game day. The winning teams and the losing teams meet there. All games in the first phase of the US division will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays (North American figure). That phase runs until July 22, 2020.

Changes in the rules

With the release of Operation Steel Wave there were also changes in the rules of competitive games and competitions. The first change was already indicated by the rules of the Challenger League qualification. This set of rules said that Oregon replaced the border in the map pool.

There was also a very important change to the cosmetic content required by the professionals. From now on there is a white list on which content is listed that may be used in e-sports. All other cosmetic content is prohibited.

Allowed content includes:

  • Pilot program phase 1 & 2 team skins
  • ProLeague gold sets
  • Standard skins
  • Future phase 3 e-sport skins

About Rainbow Six Siege

If you don’t like fast, hectic and sometimes chaotic gameplay, the tactical shooter Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the right choice. Developers Ubisoft Montreal and publisher Ubisoft offer a very balanced and constantly developing e-sports title with unique mechanics on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which culminates every year with the big “Six Invitational”.