Red Dead Online is planning a map change for Christmas like GTA 5

It seems that the online red Dead Redemption 2 online map , Red Dead Online, is about to change in winter. So at least the assumption of Dataminern.

What was found?

While browsing the PC data from Red Dead Redemption 2, Dataminern noticed an interesting change. The code contains data with references to “world snow coverage xmas”, ie a snowy world at Christmas.

In games with live service like Red Dead Online, which are always supplied with new updates and content, you often celebrate events on public holidays. So this leak does not show any crazy new content that nobody expects, but sounds quite plausible.

It is quite possible that Rockstar wraps the map of Red Dead Online in winter to celebrate the Christmas or the winter with the players.

If the map is really shrouded in snow, a player will probably be especially happy about it. Already last year, this player rode as Santa through Red Dead Online.

This speaks in favor of a snow map: 

In GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of GTA V, Rockstar has for years been teaching how to celebrate winter, Christmas and New Year. In keeping with the feast days , the streets of Los Santos turn white when snowflakes fall from the sky.

In the players’ offices, the Christmas tree is set up and the fairy lights are hung up. The icy roads then lure many players onto the tarmac to skid their skinny supercars around tight bends.

Players can look forward to this celebration in GTA Online weeks before the event. This shows that Rockstar already has experience with such a snow cover and that it probably should not be a problem for the developers to implement it in Red Dead Online.

In addition, players learn in the intro of Red Dead Redemption 2, how well Rockstar Games can deal with snow in the cowboys. On the way to their first home, Arthur and his gang members are riding their horses through the deep snow.

What could the Christmas event bring?

If Rockstar Games starts such a Christmas event, we expect a snow map and presents for the players. There may also be special missions or cosmetic items related to the holiday season. Last year there was a subtle Christmas update with music in Red Dead Online.