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Red Dead Redemption 2 – 10 hidden details that you probably missed

Here are a few small details that Red Dead Redemption 2 offers. Many are well hidden, so you do not notice them the first time through the story.

What are the details?

Here we shed light on how much effort Rockstar Games has made in presenting the characters or even the wildlife in a particularly realistic way. Subtleties in nature are also included.

Did you notice these details? A few of the videos might show little story spoilers about the gang’s progress or story.

1. The world grows over time – rails are completed

In the first few hours of the story of Red Dead Redemption 2, you’ll see unfinished houses or tracks in many places that are not yet connected. Comes back to these places from time to time. In your absence, the workers are busy building houses and trains.

By the way, this does not happen by magic and is suddenly finished. A player takes the trouble to watch the NPCs working. They even have a regular schedule with visits to the saloon and more.

2. You can be hit by lightning

Have you ever experienced a thunderstorm in the game? This is particularly impressive. The soundscape can really scare you when you hear the loud thunder banging.As it turns out, this fear of thunderstorms is well justified. Because your cowboy can be struck by lightning.

Accurate chances of being hit by lightning in RDR 2 have not yet been calculated. In Germany, the chances are around 1 to 6 million. The likelihood of dying is even lower.

3. Arthur is probably a poet

Arthur’s keeping a diary is probably not news for you. But did you ever see how he writes and draws? Whenever there’s a special point in the story, Arthur digs out his journal and fills in a few pages.

If you play Arthur as a nasty outlaw, who fights with heavy weapons against the law, the diary shows its artistic side. His texts are poetic, his writing noble. You notice how he reflects on the events and thinks about what is happening.

He shadows his drawings, they have many details. Here you can clearly see the artist Arthur Morgan.

4. Blood sticks to you

In Red Dead Redemption 2 it often gets bloody to the point and that leaves its mark. If you throw a dead animal on your shoulders for transport, you will notice traces of blood on your shoulder.Does blood spray on you during the fight? That stays there too. To remove the blood from your clothes, you can jump into the river or take a bath.

Carry your carcass on the horse, leave the traces on their fur. In order to free the horse from the blood, you either run into a river with your four-legged friend, or straighten it out.

5. Possums are dead, as in real life

If you meet in the wilderness of RDR 2 on Possums, the little opossibles can kill themselves. That’s what makes them a role model from the real world. They lie around and do not fall into the automatic sight of Arthur. Finally, the cowboy believes the animal is dead.

But sometimes they just fool their deaths. In the real world, this happens when they are injured or discovered unexpectedly. Then the animals lie down and just stare blankly into the distance or close their eyes. But this is not a conscious “dead-end”, but a body reaction, which is caused by fear.

6. Animal carcasses decompose over time, do not magically disappear

It is known from other games when animal carcasses suddenly become invisible from one to the other second and disappear. Not so in RDR 2. Gradually, the carcasses of the animals rot until the end left only bones remain. Dead human bodies are picked up by NPCs and taken away.

7. Have you ever watched the moon?

If you ride with your horse under the night sky, you should take a look at the moon. For here, too, Rockstar Games has put a lot of effort. The moon actually follows the lunar cycle.

At night, you can see the crescent, the new moon and the full moon.

8. Dogs are under police protection

Pay attention to which creatures you shoot in Red Dead Redemption 2. As it turns out, the NPCs worry about some species especially.The animal-loving readers among you will probably not try it, but if you hurt a dog, you’ll attract the city’s displeasure.

10. Newspapers write about you

Sometimes it is worth buying the local newspaper in the city. Because the press writes about you. For example, in the newspaper of Saint Denis, you find articles about events outside the city in which you or the Van der Linde gang participated.

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