Red Dead Redemption 2: NVIDIA recommends configuration to play at 60 fps

Red Dead Redemption 2 was one of the best selling Game of 2018, and is one of the best rated games of all time. Now, the PC edition is about to launch with improved graphics, unlimited frame rates, new content and a series of optimizations and improvements that make full use of the PC’s capabilities.

NVIDIA today launched the new version of Game Ready Driver which promises to improve the experience of the next version of Red Red Redemption 2 for PC, which is accompanied by some tips on the perfect configuration and configuration.

In fact, in the official blog, NVIDIA published some tips on configuring the graphics card to take advantage of Red Dead Redemption 2 at 60 fps. The company is not clear, especially in senior decisions. In fact, NVIDIA recommends applying GeForce RTX 2060 to play 1080p and 60fps with high settings, GeForce RTX 2070 Super to play at 1440px and 60fps with high settings and GeForce RTX 2080Ti to play at 4K and 60fps.

However, it seems that playing the game at 4K and 60 fps with the maximum configuration is not enough, not even the flagship in the home of NVIDIA: the company, in fact, recommends a combination of configurations, medium and high, while yes if you want to continue with the supercharged configuration, The board should reduce accuracy, and may use new technologies, zoom and sharpness, provided with the latest driver.

Previously, Rockstar Games talked about RDR2 performance on the PC and it seems that even without the support of Ray Tracing, the Western title to express the highest degree of beauty requires a lot of resources. Let us know how your offers are!

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC launches worldwide November 5th.

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