Roku Remote Guide: How to Pair & Sync Roku Remote

Roku brings thousands of movies and TV episodes directly to your home, with premium streaming services and free channels. Roku players come with the remote control. Here’s guide how to pair Roku to its remote, how to sync roku remote, how to connect roku remote to tv.

How to Pair Roku to IR Remote ?

Plug your Roku device to your TV

Insert the batteries in the device Roku remote

Roku remote batteries Depending on your model, you may require AA or AAA batteries. 

Press any buttons on the Roku remote.

When you do this, the remote control will automatically pair with the Roku. Since you are using an infrared remote control, you must be in line of sight for the Roku device so that they can discover each other.

How to Connect Roku Enhanced Remote

If your Roku device comes with a Point Anywhere Standard and Enhanced Remote, follow the steps below to connect it to your Roku player:  

How to Connect Roku Enhanced Remote
  1. Insert batteries in your Roku remote. 
  2. Turn the Roku TV or player on. 
  3. Place the remote near the Roku device. Doing so will automatically pair your remote to the Roku device. 


The Roku remote is capable of voice control and many other advanced features. To access Roku TV using the remote control, follow the instructions guide below to sync Roku Remote to the TV.

  • Power on your Roku TV.
  • Go to the Roku’s home screen and select Settings.
  • Under the Settings menu, select Check Remote Settings.
  • When you hear music, choose Yes to confirm.
  • Now, try to increase the volume by using the Roku remote.
  • If the music stops, select Yes.
  • To set up the remote, press the Home button on it.
  • On your Roku TV, navigate to the Settings menu and select Remote.
  • Click Set Up Remote for TV Control and select Start to complete the setup automatically.
  • Follow the on-screen Roku Remote Sync prompts and complete the setup.


Roku Streaming Stick usually comes with an improved remote control that has additional features like voice control, power buttons, game control buttons, onboard headphone jack and remote finder alert.



Go with the steps below to sync Roku Remote Stick to your device.

  • Locate the battery compartment on your Roku remote and insert the batteries in it.
  • Do not close the lid of the battery compartment.
  • Disconnect the Roku TV from the power source and let it rest for a few seconds.
  • Turn on the Roku TV and wait until the screen loads.
  • When the Home menu appears, make sure you place the remote in close proximity to the device.
  • Locate the Pairing button that is present inside the battery compartment and press it.
  • Make sure you hold the button for not less than five seconds.
  • Wait until the light on the remote begins to flash.
  • Repeat the process if the pairing fails.
  • Do not resume until a message appears on the screen confirming the completion of the pairing process.

How to Sync Roku Remote without Pairing Button

If your remote doesn’t have a pairing button, that means it’s the standard IR type remote. Here are ways to sync your remote if it appears to be having problems: 

  1. Remove obstructions. Your standard IR Roku remote will work only if it’s pointed directly at your player. To sync it properly, remove objects that may be blocking the signal from the remote to the streaming device. 
  2. Reset remote batteries. Often, syncing will not work if the batteries aren’t seated properly in their compartment. Simply remove them and place them back again. Point the remote at the streaming device and check if the remedy has worked.
  3. Replace the batteries. If removing obstructions or resetting the batteries didn’t work, it may be time to replace the batteries. Get new ones, place them in the battery compartment, point the remote to the player and check if it starts syncing. 

Guide How to Reset a Roku Remote?

If the Roku remote control suddenly stops working, you may need to reset the pairing. Here are the steps on how to reset a Roku remote.

  1. Unplug your Roku player from the power outlet.
  2. Remove the batteries from Roku remote.
  3. Plug your Roku player back. 
  4. Once you see the Roku logo on your screen, replace the batteries in your remote.
  5. Look for the remote pairing screen. If you don’t see this screen, you can also use the pairing buttons.
  6. Press and hold the pairing button located in your battery compartment. Do this for about 3 seconds, or until the pairing light starts flashing on the Roku remote. 
  7. Wait for the Roku to complete the pairing process. You will see a prompt on your TV when the remote has paired. 

Roku remote pairing and troubleshooting Video Guide

Here’s what to do if your roku remote is not responding or missing key presses.


If you cannot access the Roku device, this means that the remote control is not working. This may be caused by faulty batteries, the network, or the Roku device. Avoid using the remote control if it is too hot. You can follow the troubleshooting steps below if you cannot connect the remote control to the TV.
1. Try restarting your Roku TV.
2. Unplug the power cable from the Roku TV and the electrical socket.
3. Let it remain idle for some time.
4. Re-connect all the cables and check if the remote works.
Re-Pair the Remote.
5. Take the batteries from the remote and reload them in the respective slots.

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