Season 5 – The Crew 2 Update 1.22 Patch Notes

Season 5 of The Crew 2 begins today, bringing new cars, a new game mode, and improved control. This is the first episode of Season 5, bringing new gameplay, new cars, and even handling mods. Read the full letter to The Crew on March 2, 16.

The new The Crew 2 update 1.22 is now available for all platforms. The file size is about 30 GB, depending on the platform. Today’s patch includes a new game mode, new stories, and more. In addition, some bugs in the game will be corrected. Check out the new content and improvements below.

The Crew 2 Patch Notes 1.22 | Season 5

Game mode

  • (Added)  New game mode: Stories
    • Story Mode – Exploration: Use clues to search for rewards.
    • New Stories button in the main menu
    • Eight long stories with a unique reward
    • Eight medium-length stories with vanity items as rewards
    • 16 short stories with bucks as a reward
    • Two stories published per week: a long story and a medium story alternating weekly, and a short story every week
    • There are eight new intro videos and eight reward videos to discover
  • (Fixed)  Minor localization bugs in The Contractor game mode

Prestige Items

  • (Added)  One hundred one new vanity items will be released throughout the season in the shop, as a LIVE Summit reward, or via the Engine Pass (57).
    • 17 smoke
    • 17 tires
    • 17 sub-lights
    • 17 nitro
    • 11 horns
    • Nine window tints
    • Five rotating beacons
    • Two suits
    • Six outfit pieces
  • (Fixed)  The default smoke for the XTREME AIR XA42 (AR) was not visible in free driving.


  • (Added)  16 LIVE Summits including:
    • 4 Premium LIVE Summits
    • 1 LIVE Summit – Ultra Mood Event


  • (Fixed)  Star animation was missing after completing a hobby.


  • (Added)  2 new ENGINE PASSES
  • (Added)  Daily Challenges and 4 Weekly Challenges
  • (Fixed)  Minor visuals were missing when hovering over certain ENGINE PASS rewards.
  • (Fixed)  Motor Stars earned in LIVE Summits were not awarded immediately.


  • (Added)  A themed event.
    • Flashback: Japan

activities menu

  • (Added)  A new category in MotorFlix activities menu: “Season 5: American Legends.”


  • (Added)  A warning will now appear that another pinned item will be removed when attempting to pin a new challenge, hobby action, or story step. It is no longer necessary to remove a pin before pinning something new.


New vehicles

  • (Added)  27 new vehicles
  • In the Stories
    • Porsche 550 Spyder (SR)
  • At the shop
    • Ford Crown Victoria Interception Unit (SR)
  • LIVE Summit Rewards
    • Indian Motorcycle Scout® The Cruiser Edition
  • ENGINE PASS, including
    • Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 2019 Gold Nugget Edition
    • Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon Awakens Edition
    • Porsche 911 GT3 RS Splatter Edition
    • Ford Mustang Fastback Stunt Edition
    • More to be announced throughout the season!
  • (Fixed)  The Turbo gauge was not working on Corvette ZR1.
  • (Fixed)  Mileage kept resetting after restarting the game for the YasidDESIGN X American Petrol.
  • (Fixed)  Cadillac Deville side skirt camera angle issues with certain customization options.


  • (Fixed)  Exploit allowed a vehicle to go forward in reverse and accelerate to very high speeds.

3C/driving behavior

  • (Improved)  Updated handling model on the next Rallycross cars:
    • Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34)
    • Ford Focus RS
    • Chevrolet Camaro SS

Themes and Mood

  • (Added)  New main menu
  • (Added)  New American Legends home page and start menu videos
  • (Added)  New HQ bus and new advertising posters
  • (Added)  A new themed LIVE Summit with appropriate art, music, sound effects, and weather

World (graphics and audio)


  • (Fixed)  After the Contractor Episode 1, the tests displayed a difficulty level.


  • (Improved)  Place names are now more visible on the world map (white with black border).
  • (Fixed)  The wrong font on street signs
  • (Fixed)  Some non-player characters were incorrectly positioned in the Lake Mead Dam area.
  • (Fixed)  Misplaced streetlight in Nashville area
  • (Fixed)  Misplaced street light in Santa Fe area
  • (Fixed)  Tarmac on a forest trail in the Big Sur area
  • (Fixed)  GPS navigation line in “Los Angeles” SR or HC race


  • (Fixed)  Hobbies of the “Drive from A to B” type no longer interrupt progression when selecting an authorized vehicle via flash swap. This behavior also applies to stories.
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  • (Improved)  Memory optimization

known problems

  • The Muscle Tour Platinum LIVE Summit reward ticket shows the wrong vehicle.

The Crew 2 came out again in 2018, but Ubisoft’s awesome support for the open-world racer isn’t going to end anytime soon. Last week, Ubisoft announced that The Crew 2 would receive a fifth year of free content, including the long-needed next-gen update for PS5 and Xbox Series X with 60 frames per second support.

The Crew 2 Patch 1.22 (Season 5 Update) Download Size

  • PC: approx. 30 GB
  • PlayStation:  approx. 29 GB depending on the version.
  • Xbox: approx. 30 GB

Download free the Crew 2 update 1.22 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Source: Ubisoft