You want to play LEGO Fortnite right away instead of at night? It’s not possible to sleep your way to it like in Minecraft; you need a trick.

Why do you not want to stay the night? A lot of people say that LEGO Fortnite is like Minecraft. Because angry skeletons show up in LEGO Fortnite at night when it gets cold. You lose hearts if you don’t warm up by the fire. That’s why you don’t want to spend the night. This only works with the trick we show you in this guide so far.

You can skip the night

What should you do? Players came up with their own ways to skip the night since there isn’t an official way to do it. This is a trick that has worked in the past:

Once it gets dark, you go to bed in your village. This is how you save your progress.

  • You need to leave the game and go back to the lobby.
  • Everyone should leave the game and go back to the lobby if there are more than two people in the session.
  • Now go back to the lobby and load your world again.
  • You’ll notice that it’s now light again since the time of day has changed.
  • If you don’t want to play at night, this little trick can help you.

What do the gamers need? Games like Minecraft have taught us this: When you don’t want to play at night, you all run to bed and fall asleep. The night is skipped after a short time, and everyone wakes up at the same time in the morning.

People also want LEGO Fortnite to have similar features. Someone on Reddit named Zanteri says, “It’s annoying; it’s probably a way to deal with multiple players at once. But I wish there was another way to skip the night.”

We’ll add the new way to skip the night without having to log out to this article as soon as it’s available. At the moment, this is the only way to quickly end the night in LEGO Fortnite.