Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order breaks EA sales records

It looks like players and especially Star Wars fans seem to be looking for classic singleplayer experiences. Had the EA but someone earlier said – Oh, wait a minute …

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PC System Requirements Revealed
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PC System Requirements Revealed

Just weeks after the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order promises EA that the game can be successful. The publisher does not have exact figures for us yet, but EA reveals that Star Wars Fallen Order had more digital buyers in the first 2 weeks than any other Star Wars games in the same period before .

Also, EA announced that Star Wars Fallen Order is selling faster than any other PC game . This record is probably related to EA’s return to Steam. Fallen Order is also available on Valve’s platform and has gained a lot of potential buyers.

Games do not have to have microtransactions or be a service game to be successful. A classic single player game in the Star Wars universe fans have long wanted from EA. Maybe the success of Fallen Order will lead to a rethinking of EA and also of other publishers.

However, it is in the nature of things that single player games can not be well monetized for years unless a publisher puts more time and resources into an expansion. However, production is far more expensive than a season pass with cosmetics, events and challenges.

Fallen Order seems to be finally offering Star Wars fans the game they’ve been waiting for years. Would you spend another 20 euros for a reasonable DLC or should EA not even start fiddling around with the game?