The Division 2 Latest Patch Notes Update on June 2nd 2020

Division 2 maintains PS4, Xbox One and PC today. There is downtime, so the servers go offline for some time. Find out everything you need to know about the Division 2 Latest Patch Notes Update on June 2nd 2020.

Here you will see the complete patch notes for Division 2 Patch Notes.

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The Division 2 Patch Notes Update

The Patch Notes – What’s Changing Today?

 The patch notes are clear today and contain only two changes:

  • Fixed an issue where Manhunt activity (manhunt) would be visible to base game owners after switching servers with a Warlords owner in the party.
  • Fixed an issue where the doors to the Break Through the Black Tusk Forces step on the main DARPA-Lab mission did not open.

The problem with the doors was already mentioned in the last maintenance from May 26th. tackled, but was apparently not properly fixed there.

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