The Elder Scrolls Online Update patch notes

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.16 ESO Patch Notes & Hotfixes

The Older Scrolls Online (ESO Update 2.16) has arrived and here is the full list of the changes and fixes added with this patch. The patch Update size is 91.6 MB. The patch notes will be released later today for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online.

What is the new update for eso?

As expected, the patch includes a ton of new fixes for the game and more. The update should be available from April 21, 2021. You can read the full patch notes below.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.16 patch & Hotfixes

The Elder Scrolls Online Update patch notes
The Elder Scrolls Online Update patch notes

Struggle and skills

  • A calculation error in the effect of the Rationer star has been fixed.
  • The Rationer Champion Star has been updated to only offer a permanent bonus for food and drinks that change status. This Champion Star should never influence the duration of such food and drink.

Exploration and listing


  • Fixed an issue where resource nodes would occasionally not display with the correct model.

Quests and Zones

Blackwood prologue

  • The Emperor’s Secret: Fixed an issue when trying to use the wagon for rifting. Multiple errors occurred when your character wasn’t in the right place.


  • Fixed an issue where some NPCs near Southpoint would reappear too quickly.

The ditch

  • In his wake: Corporal Bredrek will no longer appear in strange places when granting this quest and will no longer chase you in order to give you his quest.

user interface


  • Your offline friends and guild members are no longer lost when they travel back to the time of 1.1.1970 and have safely returned to the present.

Gamepad fashion

  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard shortcut for QuickSlotting items would appear in the wrong place.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in inventory not displaying properly when quickly switching between inventory and another screen.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the list of offers from scrolling in a trade window.

For more information on today’s patch, visit for additional info. The Elder Scrolls Online is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.