The Infinity Ward Says one of COD Modern Warfare’s biggest complaints

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, for the most part, seems like a solid game. We still have the beta version to make our decisions, but at this moment it looks promising. However, there is one thing that many would like to see Infinity Ward change: the minimap exclusion.

It was a bit shocking not to see a minimap in the upper left corner at the premiere of multiplayer. The minimap has been a constant in Call of Duty since the first games of the series. However, it could be that same reason why Infinity Ward wants a change.

The overwhelming concern and negative protest in the community have now caused some in Infinity Ward to comment on the issue.

Infinity Ward developers have responded to negative comments about a visual feature of Modern Warfare, which differs from the previous Call of Duty titles.

The Modern Warfare Beta took place during consecutive weekends in September and received generally positive comments from the majority of the community. The players praised the game for its killstreaks, feeling, and returning to many aspects of what made CoD so popular.

However, as expected with the launch of a new title, the community identified a number of features that are not sure, particularly features that break the established Call of Duty formula. Among others, a visual change has been unpopular.

It was a matter of time before someone in Infinity Ward realized fan complaints. However, it is important to keep in mind that the developer studio will not change anything important in Modern Warfare until the open beta version has appeared and disappeared.

This is evident in the response of an Infinity Ward developer to a fan asking about the minimap. Joel Emslie is the art director of Infinity Ward and was answering questions on Twitter when a fan asked about the minimap exclusion.

It is typical in Call of Duty games that a player’s screen turns red when he receives damage from shots, falls, or explosives. It is generally used as an indicator of how much health the player has left, particularly important before health levels are displayed on the screen (as they were in Black Ops 4).