The Outer Worlds review,Game play and release Date for PC,XBOX and PS4

The Outer Worlds Review, Game Play

About Game: The Outer Worlds is a new first-person sci-fi role-playing game for an Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division player. Lost in transit while on a settler ship bound for the farthest edge of the galaxy, he wakes up decades later only to find himself in the middle of a deep conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Halcyon colony. While you explore the confines of space and you find several factions.

The new Obsidian title might seem like a deviation from the study at first sight since its science fiction environment and No Man’s Sky style images are different from everything we’ve seen before. But after watching a demonstration of hands-free play at E3 2019, it is clear that The Outer Worlds is built on the bones of Fallout.

What’s New in the Outer Worlds?

The Outer Worlds review,Game play and release Date for PC,XBOX and PS4
The Outer Worlds review,Gameplay for PC, XBOX and PS4

The Outer Worlds presents an evolution of the Fallout style game in the first person and looks like an FPS game on the surface. And if you want to play that way, you can do it, but the mechanics of the role-playing games that run throughout the game means that there are many more options available if you choose to explore them.

Weapons and melee weapons play an important role in the game, of course, but you don’t have to make your way through the world.
In the E3 2019 demonstration mission, the player has the task of interrupting the operations of a powerful local businessman named Clive. Entering your slaughterhouse to confront it can be achieved in different ways: loading through the main door with weapons, opening a lock to access a nearby sewer, or using a holographic disguise to enter restricted areas. The holographic costume seemed to be a recurring feature of the game.

Weapon customization seems to play an important role in the game if you invest points in the relevant science and technology skills. The demonstration showed a machine gun that the player had modified to do impact damage (especially effective against robots), as well as a sword that looked like it was dripping poison.

The response of the outside world to V.A.T.S. Fallout system: allows players to drastically reduce time while examining their enemies and aiming. Players who do not play many shooters can reverse their skill points in ways to expand and extend the time dilation, giving them an easier shooting experience that depends less on contraction reflexes.

Game Story

The Outer Worlds features a silent protagonist and dialogue trees that will be familiar to any fan of story-based role-playing games. The creative team behind The Outer Worlds includes Tim Cain (one of the main designers of the original Fallout), and Leonard Boyarsky (Fallout, Arcanum, and the original vampire). Altogether is a serious team of creative, thoughtful, and fun people who create this particular science fiction story, and it shows.

Beyond the usual guarantees of player freedom and the ability to be “good, evil or psycho” in your games, The Outer Worlds seems like a fun place to explore. The basic scenario feels like a combination of alien Firefly-like worlds with the old western frontierism, with tough, dirty-faced locals exposing their claims on the edge of a galaxy dominated by massive corporations.

The Outer Worlds Environments

The Outer Worlds is visually rich and colorful. The environments will remind many No Man’s Sky players, with deep saturated shadows and large flora and fauna that are the result of the terraformation that went wrong Holographic ads with sports fonts and logos seem to have arrived directly since the early twentieth century.

The Outer Worlds review,Game play and release Date for PC,XBOX and PS4

The weather didn’t seem to have a particular impact on the game, but it looked and felt very natural and added to the strange and feral feeling of the world.

In games like Fallout: New Vegas, Skyrim, and The Outer Worlds, extended conversations and dialogue trees mean you spend a lot of time looking at other characters in the face as they stand in place and talk to you. It’s something we have accepted in games for a long time, and mechanically it works well, but it started to feel a bit outdated in 2019.
The Outer Worlds is doing some interesting things with their peers, allowing them to level up their powers to make them more useful and participate in dialogues with NPC.