Witcher 3 is finally out on Nintendo Switch

The Witcher 3 – Enhanced Mod New Version Introduce Sailing Mechanics

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition is among the best modifications released for the successful CD Projekt RED role-playing game. It introduces new mechanics and adjusts most of the game to offer a markedly different experience in repeated games. A new version of the mod was recently launched, which presents some completely new mechanics and some additional adjustments.

The biggest addition to The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition is navigation mechanics, which change and considerably improve the trip on any ship. These changes mainly affect the Skellinge Islands since traveling from one island to another requires a boat if no fast travel point has been unlocked.

The latest Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition version can be downloaded from Nexus Mods.

The Witcher 3 is now available worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch later this month, complete with all the DLC packages that have been released for the game, including the Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine expansions.

The team designed this mod with realism in mind but following the spirit of really having fun in a game, keeping redundancy to a minimum while offering an attractive and somewhat realistic game to the player. Among the mechanical and game changes, it also provides many bug fixes. In addition, it has an extensive menu of options where players can modify most things to their liking.

Along with the additions and corrections mentioned above, version 4.71 changes the tissue resistance talent. Also, the message that the horse is too far away no longer appears when he touches the horse’s call twice to open the stash. Finally, mutagens now remain intact when preparing decoctions.

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition Version 4.71 Release Notes

Pumps are rebalanced a bit.

New navigation mechanics were added.

Mutagens now remain intact when preparing decoctions.

It changed the talent of tissue Resilience.

The message that the horse is too far away no longer appears when the horse is called twice to open the stash.

the sometimes incorrect disassembly animations that were reproduced were corrected.

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