TIER LIST NEW WORLD: The Best Weapons for PvE and PvP

New World offers you a system without classes. Instead, the weapons determine your style of play. But which weapons are the best and which are particularly suitable for PvE and which are more suitable for PvP? Here are the best New World weapons based on the beta’s trends for both PvE and PvP.

This is how the Tier List is structured:

In this article, we would like to tell you which are the most powerful weapons in New World at the moment.

The result was one tier list for PvE and one for PvP, as the two ways of playing are very different from each other. The weapons were assigned to different tiers:

  • The most powerful weapons are in the S tier
  • The A-tier still contains powerful weapons, but they have a small disadvantage compared to the S-tier
  • There are weapons in the B tier that are useful at least in certain situations
  • There are weapons in the C-Tier that you should rather ignore

In addition, we will tell you in the article which weapons work well in combination with the S-tier weapons. The tier list is currently at the status of July 26, 2021, and is therefore the closed beta. We will keep the list up to date for the release.

New World Weapon Tier List: The best weapons in PvE

fire stick
war hammer
A tierStaff of life
sword and shield
B tierIce gauntlets
battle ax
C tier

What makes the weapons in the S-Tier so strong?

Basically, weapons are strong in PvE, they cause a lot of damage and also kill the enemies without taking much damage yourself. Accordingly, ranged weapons such as the bow or the fire stick are very useful.

In the case of the fire stick, there is also the burning effect and the AoE damage. This is particularly useful in the open world and with trash mobs in dungeons, where there are sometimes several enemies in a pile. However, the damage subsides a bit when it’s only against a specific opponent.

You won’t go wrong with the hatchet either, because the weapon strikes quickly and brings a useful debuff to enemies, with which you reduce armour. You benefit from this both in solo play and in a group.

It’s best to combine a melee and a ranged weapon to get the most powerful effect in the open world. In dungeons, a pure build of melee weapons can also be offered.