Top 10 best games you get on Apple Arcade for $5

Top 10 best games you get on Apple Arcade for $5

Apple Arcade was launched recently and, according to the online rumor that has been going on since then, the entire video game industry is changing. While some people jumped immediately to see the new addition of the iTunes App Store, some have not yet had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with Apple’s newest service. Here is a brief description of what it does and how it will benefit the community and the industry on a global scale.

Top 10 best games you get on Apple Arcade for $5

Apple Arcade is now available for all iPhone, iPad and even Apple TV users and is visible as a new tab in the App Store. Under this new tab, users will have the opportunity to get access to a special collection of games, which is currently in a place of around one hundred and counting. All titles are mainly games that were released this fall. The user is then offered a deal: for $ 4.99 per month, you can subscribe and get unlimited access to all these games available in the collection, during the time of your subscription.

Now, as for the game itself, it is promised that the library will grow and is composed of games of various genres. The presenters called this the Premium Game Collection, which is offered for $ 4.99 per month, whether it costs $ 50 or free. Now, the list is long, but we have tried to present some of the games that caught our attention …

The 10 best Apple Arcade games for $ 4.99 per month:

  1. Sonic Racing
  2. Enter the construct
  3. Spelldrifter
  4. Get out of the dungeon
  5. Murder mystery machine
  6. Skate city
  7. The enchanted world
  8. Operator 41
  9. Cat Quest II
  10. OceanHorn 2: Knights of the Lost Kingdom

There is also a free one-month trial for those who wish to try the newest service. The effect this will have on the industry is that it can possibly end or at least mitigate the commercial aspect towards which developers gravitate mainly when they make their video games. In addition, this is a way to reinvent the presentation, allowing the right games to reach the right hands more easily. And finally, this can also present a lucrative money saving option, since Apple Arcade will only take $ 4.99 per month, regardless of the individual prices requested by these games.

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