Top 10 tips to get easy kills in Valorant

There would not be any serious gamer in the world who has not heard of RIOT, and there is a good reason why that is the case. Riot Games have published some of the popular games in recent history that have broken numerous records in the gaming industry. There would hardly be any serious gamer who has not at least tried a RIOT game; that just is not possible. And one of their most popular published games is Valorant, that even a year after its release, is still topping the charts, not just in the downloads category but also in the streaming category.

But there is a side effect to this as well. Valorant, while a fun game, could quickly become a harrowing experience for beginners who are getting frustrated by getting killed off repeatedly without any success. Well, luckily for you, this blog will give you some of the best valorant hacks that will help you get easy kills in Valorant and improve your K/D ratio massively.

Without further ado, here are ten tips to get easy kills in Valorant.

Get familiar with your agent.

Valorant is quite different from other battle royale games currently in the market as it allows players to choose from various agents to participate in the gameplay. Each agent has unique skills and abilities that define their character, but they also have certain drawbacks. One should play with every agent at least a couple of times to better understand their skills and weaknesses, which can be easily exploited when you face the same agent on the battlefield.

Change your settings

One common mistake individuals make in a battle royale first-person shooting game is that they do not change the game settings to suit their gameplay. Every player is different, and so is their playing style. Going with the standard settings is not the intelligent thing to do if you want to get more kills.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Valorant offers the gamers an opportunity to practice with their weapons in the firing range, and you should do that immediately. In Valorant, one would get a plethora of weapons choices as well as abilities which one need to master if they stand any chance of winning the game, and the best way to do that is on the practice range and not on actual gameplay where the pressure would be immense to perform.

Make use of the abilities.

Valorant is more than just a straightforward gunfight, a lot more than that. Different agents have different abilities that can make or break one’s game, depending on the time they are used. Even if you are more of a gunfight enthusiast and preferred playing that way, your opponents would not hold back in using their abilities against you. So, it would be best if you make use of your abilities at the appropriate time to turn the round in your favor.

Choose the right agent.

While Valorant offers gamers the opportunity to choose among several agents for their playthrough, it also becomes challenging to choose the right agent for them. One needs to consider their playing style while choosing the right agent for them, as one cannot just select anyone if they want to win.

Bang the wall

Taking cover behind the wall and boxes is one of the most common techniques in a royale battle first-person shooter gameplay. An enemy player can just be hiding behind the wall waiting for you to drop your guard and take you out. But there is a way you can counter this strategy, and that is by doing a wall bang at certain spots on the walls, which will not only take down the wall but also knock the enemy.

Stealth is key

You cannot just go gung-ho in your approach as their as agents with abilities that can easily spot you, and then the enemy can easily gun you down. The best way to get easy kills in Valorant is to lurk and get the enemies from behind when distracted. This way, you would not even have to worry about them returning fire or calling their teammates for help.

Learn lineups and setups

By practicing lineups and setups, one can easily target an enemy from quite a distance. But for that, one needs to learn as much about lineups and setups as soon as possible. In this way, even when you are at low HP, you can target an enemy at a great distance, changing the game in few seconds.

Play proactively

There is no point in playing defensively in Valorant and waiting for the players to finish each other off. In fact, this will only hinder your squad, and it is very likely you will be discovered by enemy players alone and would immediately get knocked out. Play proactively and with your squadmates, and you can quickly get a couple of kills even if you are a beginner.

Try to enter frag

One of the easiest ways to get a kill on Valorant boosting is through entry fragging. Use this in your gameplay and score some easy kills with a duelist or an initiator agent.

Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and you can get easy kills in Valorant. Just keep following the tips and enjoy your gameplay now.