Torchlight 2 Review and Game play

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Torchlight began as a series that was exclusive to PC, but still made its debut on a console with a port for Xbox 360. Despite obtaining a sequel later, it was never ported again due mainly to the complexity of the port itself. The game was never designed to be played with a controller and needed a review to work properly.

After more than a whole generation of missing the consoles, Torchlight 2 has been ported to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but is it worth the wait? The short answer is that there is not enough incentive here to get the game if you have already played it on the PC. Although Torchlight 2 has received a quality port, it still has some flaws that make this version lower compared to the PC version

The commitments that have been made to make the game work on a Nintendo Switch means that there is no offline cooperative support, which kills the appeal of a multiplayer game for a system like the Nintendo Switch. Despite the lack of offline cooperative, the game still offers online cooperative for 4 players, so multiplayer mode is not completely eliminated from the game.

While action role-playing games slowly become the center of attention again, Torchlight 2 feels too late to join this party. Diablo 3 has already received an excellent port for Nintendo Switch and triumphs in Torchlight 2 in all departments, including offline cooperative support. Despite this, we cannot rule out Torchlight 2 because it is a solid alternative to Diablo. It offers four different classes for users to personalize with a great degree of skills and abilities to acquire that lead to different player constructions.

Torchlight 2 carries a huge amount of repeat value. The customization options that can lead to the construction of different players are divided between the four classes. The new Game Plus mode is also included in this port, allowing the player to continue the game with a new sense of challenge while retaining most of his abilities, gold and equipment he has collected in the game. As a result, every time you give the game another chance, it will be a different experience.

To add to this, the game uses dynamic levels and dungeons that are randomly generated by an algorithm. No matter what class you choose at the beginning because of the way the updates work, you will often end up making them very different and much more useful. Like other booty-based games, you have many things to choose from and equip your character with a wide variety of equipment. It’s not as addictive as Diablo 3, but somehow you still want to keep looking for new booties

The Torchlight franchise has always tried to find ways to improve the standards set by Diablo. The original Torchlight dipped the toes in those waters as a light action game, although sometimes meaningless, while adding quality of life features such as pets that could travel back to the city and sell unwanted booties. Torchlight 2 developed that approach even more, adding online multiplayer and a deeper campaign. For people who were turned off by the simplification of the Diablo 3 skill system, Torchlight 2 felt like a continuation of the hardest design principle of Diablo 2

The age of the game also seems to work in its favor when it comes to performance, since Torchlight 2 works smoothly even on Nintendo Switch. Panic Button, an experienced bearer house behind the Switch versions of Doom and Warframe, managed to jam all the details of the original game without having to decrease the resolution or frame rate in any remarkable way. This is another way in which the aesthetics of Torchlight 2 continues to help you; The game looks much less murky on Switch than Diablo 3.

Of course, the classic question remains: Is Torchlight 2 better than Diablo 3? But I am not sure that it matters. Both are action RPG design pinnacles that come to the genre in different ways. And having both moving through the Switch, where you can spend a long trip while destroying elemental rock with large hammers, is a gift for all of us

Some of the redeeming qualities of the port are that the images remain intact for the launch of the PC. It looks good when playing the game in a portable way, but it is easy to notice the flaws when playing on the big screen. The price of this port is also excellent considering how long it can be squeezed.

I am not a big fan of the art style for Torchlight 2. It also feels a bit dated for now with some of its game designs. It is not exactly the best alternative to Diablo 3, especially if you have already bought it on Nintendo Switch, but if you want more of the same in the genre, it is a good option.

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