VALORANT – All information about the release and Patch Note 1.0

VALORANT is here! Okay, please excuse this brief burst of emotion on our part. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Riot Games‘ new first-person shooter VALORANT was released! The free and extremely competitive five against five hero shooter had been put through its paces in the closed beta until last week.

After astonishingly good results, which Riot Games was able to achieve and report during the test phase, the planned release for “Summer 2020” was even brought forward a little and is, therefore, a significant exception in the current situation.

Valorant Server Down on April 15th 2020

An overview of the start times

Shortly after midnight from Monday to Tuesday, Korea, Japan and most of the Asia-Pacific region were able to get started and start the storm on the valorant boosting servers from Riot Games. The players there were also the first to try out the new agent Reyna, the new game mode “Spike Rush” and the new and fourth card “Ascent”.

But just a few hours later, more precisely from 7 a.m. this morning, all early risers in Europe, Turkey, the MENA region, Russia and other CIS countries were allowed to get started. The servers in North America, Latin America and South America have finally activated again seven hours later, 2 p.m.

Then the launch should be completed, and the first season “Ignition” should start!

Numerous adjustments to the launch

With the release of VALORANT, of course, Patch 1.0 goes hand in hand. In this Riot Games not only deals with vampire Reyna, the new mode and the new location “Ascent”, but also makes all kinds of adjustments to matchmaking, rankings, balancing and much more. We summarize the most important points below. If you want to read the full patch notes for the update.

Valorant Patch Notes 1-0 Update

NEW in 1.0

  • Agent “Reyna” – Duelist with vampiric skills from Mexico
  • New map “Ascent” – map located in Italy with a large, open centre – should appear a little more often at the beginning than the other maps
  • The new game mode “Spike Rush” (Beta) – Who will secure the spike first?

Adjustments in 1.0

  • Ranked mode deactivated / no rated games at launch (stability should be guaranteed beforehand)
  • Nerfs for Sage and Raze
  • Buffs for Jett and Phoenix
  • Extensive adjustments for Omen and Viper
  • Improved hit registration
  • Split: Chokepoint rebuilt in the middle of the map

Source: Riot Games


VALORANT is the new first-person shooter from Riot Games. The makers of the famous League of Legends are expanding their games portfolio in several genres. The game, formerly called “Project A”, is a competitive 5-on-5 FPS game that was released on June 2, 2020. The gameplay can best be described as a mixture of Valves Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Blizzards Overwatch. There are also references to Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

In Valorant, Riot Games attaches great importance to the right net code, stable servers, and a sophisticated anti-cheat system to make the gaming experience as fair as possible. VALORANT should also look good on older computers.