Warframe Week 6 Challenges: Nora’s Choice

Here comes the weekly challenges in Warframe. In addition, there are Teshin’s replenished rare finds, but also Nora Night’s challenges in Nightwave. She will also have new things in her inventory that you can purchase using Nightwave Creds. Here are the challenges for this week.


  • Conservationist – Complete 6 different perfect animal shots in Orb Vallis
  • Earth Bounty Hunter – Complete 5 different bounties in the Plains of Eidolon
  • Protector – Complete 3 mobile defense missions
  • Rescuer – Complete 3 rescue missions
  • Specialist release – Complete 1 release

Elite weekly

  • Cold Steel – Kill 1,000 enemies on the Steel Path
  • Expert Exit – Complete 3 Exits

How to Complete the More Difficult Weekly Acts


This is the only tough challenge this week. Perfect animal shots require a lot of patience, good map perception, and good visibility. First and foremost, you’ll need a Tranq rifle, which you can buy from The Biz at Fortuna or Son from the Necralisk. Fortunately, these items have infinite uses so once you’ve bought one you will never have to buy one again.

Next, stock up on echo bait. For the sake of this challenge, buy it from The Biz in Fortuna. He will provide goods for animals from the Orb Vallis in his shop. However, make sure to equip all of these preservation items in your gear, especially the Tranq rifle.

Next, you don’t have to follow this step, but it makes animal welfare a lot smoother. Use Loki or Ivara (primes or normal variants don’t matter) and build them specifically to last. For this guide, I’ll be using Loki because his strategy is a one-button deal. Here is a sample build that you can use for this challenge:

It was specially built with the long term in mind as you want to maximize the amount of time you are invisible. I also applied a Hushed Invisibility mod in this build to make it silence the Tranq weapon. Silencing the Tranq shots will not scare any animals or nearby Corpus enemies if you accidentally miss a shot.

The best animals to watch out for are virminks, kubrodons, and pobbers. If you’re feeling brave, you can try heading out the others, but these three types, in particular, have no gimmick to consider. To lure out these particular creatures, you’ll need to use your Tranq Rifle and then, in the add-on menus, equip the Echo Bait that corresponds to the animal you’re looking for. It will show you where they left their mark.

Follow the usual steps you would take for animal welfare, but this challenge requires you to get five perfect shots.

This means that the animal must be captured unharmed, frightened and inattentive. That’s why Loki is my best personal choice. Once you’ve lured the animal out with the Echo-Lure, go invisible and observe the area from above. Use your Tranq’s scope function to locate the animal, then shoot it down with the arrow.

Virminks and Kubrodons need to be shot a couple of times to calm them down. Be quick, however. Sometimes hitting you will cause them to run away. If you manage to capture them while they are alerted and running, the capture may no longer be perfect.

Overall, this week’s challenges are very straightforward, although some require significant game advancement. The only thing that could prove difficult is the Conservationist Act.