The Game Awards 2022

We know the exact date of The Game Awards 2022

Geoff Keighley decided to announce when The Game Awards 2022 will be held at the end of the Summer Game Fest conference. When can we expect the event summarizing the year in the video game industry? When will this year’s edition of the gala take place?

Another TGA 22 edition is coming!

As every year, players are slowly looking for what other events are ahead of us and when we may get to know important announcements about many anticipated games. According to tradition, in 2022, we expect a new edition to be organized in December.

It is becoming a fully-fledged tradition that we can expect an event filled with announcements, awards and smaller initiatives on the last day of a given month.

The event is to have its known spectacularity, although, to achieve it, strong premieres are necessary for 2022. And that can be not easy… In 2023, however, so many debuts are to take place that … perhaps at least the trailers and announcements will be strong!

[ Update ] On August 22, details of the event that will take place on December 8 this year appeared on the web, and in addition, it is planned to add a new category that will focus on appreciating productions from various media, based on game brands. It is about podcasts, movies, novels or comics.

Data The Game Awards 2022 (TGA 22). When will the gala take place?

The Game Awards 2022 is scheduled for December 8, 2022. We still don’t know what time the party will start.