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What is Pokémon Go error 0?Fix: Pokemon GO Error 0

Some players are experiencing a problem with their Pokémon Go app, where they see an “error 0” appear on their screen. It’s a pretty irritating mistake that some players may experience, specifically when the game’s servers are in full effect. It is a strange mistake as many requirements suggest that there is no bug to report, and the game should work properly. Some players have actually discovered that it prevents them from logging into the game, appears for a quick minute, or even prevents them from sending gifts.

Unfortunately, the most recognized way to deal with the problem is by restarting your Pokémon Go app and starting again. If you continue to see this error even after restarting the game, you may want to wait for the Pokémon Go servers to ring a bit. It takes place when many players try to play at the same time, all over the world, specifically during Pokémon Go Fest 2020.

To carry out more extreme procedures, you can try to uninstall your game and download it back to your smart device. It is not the best option, and many may be against it, however it is a good option to get rid of it. You need to make sure you can compile your trainer account information before doing so, or remember what email address you’ve actually associated with your Pokémon Go account.

What causes Pokemon GO Error 0?

According to technical terms, an Error 0 means there is no error and it is just a prompt which comes in the screen when using the application. This ‘glitch’ can be induced due to:

  • A bad cache of the game stored in your phone.
  • Problems with the user settings saved on your application. Each phone is considered a user and specific settings and application data are stored accordingly.
  • Issues with the application. This occurs rarely but is known to happen in some cases.

Fix: Pokemon GO Error 0

Solution 1: Clearing cache of Pokemon GO

Solution 2: Clearing data of Pokemon GO

Solution 3: Reinstalling the application