WhatsApp gets fingerprint lock feature on Android

WhatsApp: Find out what WhatsApp Messenger knows about you

WhatsApp knows exactly when and who sent or received which message – because everything is counted in the background. The obtained data can also be easily viewed, but many users of the messenger do not know that. 

WhatsApp: See hidden numbers for use

60 billion messages are sent daily via Facebook’s WhatsApp . Of course WhatsApp knows exactly what the users are sending, apart from the content of the news. But even the users themselves can easily get an overview of who they communicate with how often – and what kind of data is transmitted. A look at the settings of the app is already enough.

To access the collected data, WhatsApp’s Android app settings must select “Data and Memory Usage” and then tap “Network Usage”, as T-Online describes. Then the total statistics are displayed, ie how many megabytes of data was sent and received. Also first information about the allocation of the memory can be seen here. It does not stay that way, as a hint on one of the two records shows.

WhatsApp: Show all data

When memory usage is neatly listed by contact and group, how much space was occupied. Another tip tells you what we were looking for: A detailed view of how many messages, photos, stickers, videos, voice messages, and others have been exchanged with that contact or group. Unfortunately, the view is designed to put contacts or groups with the highest memory footage at the top of the list – and these do not necessarily have to be the contacts we talk about the most at WhatsApp. Only with WhatsApp for iOS there is the possibility to change the sorting at this time.