Witcheye Mobile Android Game Review

Multiplayer games are the main trend in the mobile game market. All video games, be they casual card games, strategy games, or city-building games, have a multiplayer feature. While the majority of games adhere in some manner to this competitive multiplayer norm, other games are specifically designed to offer an unforgettable single-player experience.

One of those games is Witcheye, a platformer in the vein of the 1950s with a somewhat unusual and unconventional gameplay system.

GAME Development and reception

Witcheye was published by Devolver Digital, a company known for publishing independent games.

Since its founding in 2009, this business has released a number of well-known games, such as many Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, and Shadow Warrior titles.

On August 15, 2019, a brand-new game called Witcheye was made available for iOS and Android. Witcheye is a premium game that is available for $2.99 USD in both shops right now. This game offers a very great value for money when you take into account that it must have more than 50 levels with a lot of replay value.

Witcheye Game Story:

Witcheye’s narrative is really simple. Senexis, the wise wizard, has dispatched a valiant knight to recover the treasures of Mabel, the witch who resides in a cave within a dark forest on the ocean’s deepest depths. The knight confidently accepts this mission and travels to the witch’s lair after the wizard grants him enormous power.
Once he finds it, the knight steals the witch’s ingredients and jewels. Furious, he sets out to find him and retrieve his belongings. The story starts when the witch transforms into a flying eyeball using his crafty wizardry.


Although Witcheye is categorized as a platform game, it is not like other platform games. Witcheye has incredibly easy-to-understand gameplay. You can move your finger anywhere on the screen to control the floating eye. The eye will fly toward the direction of the blow if this is done. Interacting with any obstruction while in flight will cause the object to rebound. By tapping anyplace on the screen, you can stop the eye from moving and hold it there until you slide the screen to move it again.


One of Witcheye’s most significant features is this. As soon as you step foot in the game environment, you’ll get engrossed and driven to complete the levels. Additionally, the developers truly made it, and you get a great sense of accomplishment when you complete the level with all the goodies you’ve collected. You can replay the levels even if you miss any of the prizes, and since most of them are very short, it won’t get too tedious or annoying.

The soundtrack for Witcheye is excellent. You’ll quickly notice that, despite the music’s undeniably nostalgic vibe, the soundtrack’s quality is far above that of the 8-bit era, which is understandable and, to be honest, a good thing. You will probably find it enjoyable, as sound effects and music go quite well with the pixelated graphics.


Devolver Digital released Witcheye, a distinctive and challenging 2D shooter from Moonkid. In this game, players control Witcheye, an eyeball that doesn’t have a body. She goes on a quest to get back the wealth that a naughty knight stole from her. The game has many new and interesting ways to play, such as

Special Controls: The only way to play Witcheye is to swipe or flick the analog sticks or tablet. This special control method lets you move precisely and naturally, which makes it easy to get through the tricky platforming parts of the game.

Physics-Based Movement: Witcheye’s movement is heavily based on physics, which makes the game more difficult and strategic. When moving through the game’s settings, players must carefully think about their speed and direction.

Tricky Bosses: There are many tricky bosses in the game, and each one attacks in a different way. Players have to learn to guess what they’ll do next and use Witcheye’s skills to beat them.

problems: There are also some problems in the game that you have to solve by using your platforming skills and your brain. These puzzles help break up the action and make the game more interesting.

Lovely Art Style: Witcheye’s art style is lovely and bright, and it really brings the world of the game to life. There is a lot of depth and emotion in the pixel art, and there are lots of fun things to find in the environments.

Catchy Music: The game’s music is a catchy and happy chiptune score that goes well with the mood of the game. The music is both upbeat and nostalgic, and it helps the player stay motivated as they face the difficulties of the game.

Not only does it feature the fandom’s favorite pixel art, but it also features insane platform action, incredible ideas, and a fantastic soundtrack—everything we love about the good old days. As the game’s official tagline puts it, “an amazing adventure,” you play with an amazing eye.

Since there will be an unprecedented explosion of action, the game has been designed with touch-screen controls in mind. You may manipulate your avatar, Witcheye, by sliding in the direction you want it to float in. It will bounce off of barriers, structures, and even opponents as it navigates danger and solves puzzles. For those fans of the vintage platform, there are over 50 levels to explore.

Still, there are indie developers committed to delving deeper into the platform’s possibilities than simply figuring out how to use the oatmeal mechanics to take advantage of people and make money off of them. You have to look for them, or, in the case of Witcheye, have Digital Return flood your Twitter feed with posts about the game until you can’t ignore it.

You take on the role of a witch in this game, pursuing a robber knight who has taken many of your jewels and essential components for a potion she was making. Rather than following the knight on foot, the witch changes into a huge eyeball in order to pursue him. That’s all there is to it—you can also stop the eye by touching the screen. To play this game, all you have to know is that. It shows me how terrible I am at sliding in a straight line while being really easy to use and intuitive.

With a distinctive touch screen control scheme that offers unrivaled control over the hero—swipe to move and tap to stop—Witchery is a fantastic and colorful throwback platform adventure with six brilliant worlds full of obstacles to avoid.

Set off on a journey akin to that of a kind witch who, when a divided wizard and knight take the components of her spell, turns into an eyeball of retaliation. She will follow you through more than 50 levels, each with its own set of challenging foes, enigmatic settings, and perplexing secrets. Vibrant and dynamic original audio combined with colorful and well-organized pixel visuals bring these aspects to life.