Witcheye Mobile Android Game Review

The mobile game industry is leaning heavily towards multiplayer games. Whether it’s city-building games, strategies, or casual card games, each of them has one thing in common: multiplayer mode. While most games follow this competitive multiplayer standard in one way, there are also titles focused on providing a memorable one-player experience.

One of those games is Witcheye, a retro-style platform game with a fairly unique and unorthodox game mechanic.

GAME Development and reception

Witcheye was published by Devolver Digital, a company known for publishing independent games. This company was founded in 2009, and since then, they have published some well-known games, including several titles of Serious Sam, Hotline Miami, and Shadow Warrior.

Recently, a new title, Witcheye, was released for Android and iOS on August 15, 2019. Witcheye is a paid game and currently costs USD 2.99 in both stores. When you consider that this game has to offer more than 50 levels with a lot of repeat value, it has a very high value for money.

Witcheye Game Story:

Witcheye’s story is quite straightforward. The wise wizard Senexis has sent a brave knight to retrieve the treasures of the witch Mabel, who lives on the deepest ocean in a cave inside a dark forest. The magician promised to grant great power to the knight, who boldly accepts this quest and heads to the witch’s lair.
After locating it, the knight steals the witch’s treasures and ingredients and, enraged by this, embarks on a mission to follow him and claim his possessions. Using his cunning magic, the witch becomes the flying eyeball, and thus, the adventure begins.


Witcheye is classified as a platform game, but it does not resemble the usual platform games. The gameplay of Witcheye is very simple and easy to understand. You can control the floating eye by sliding your finger anywhere on the screen. Doing so will cause the eye to fly in the direction of the blow. While flying, interacting with any obstacle will bounce in the eye. You can prevent the eye from moving simply by touching anywhere on the screen, which will keep it still until you slide the screen to move it again.


This is one of the most important things about Witcheye. Once you enter the game world, you will instantly get hooked and feel the need to advance through the levels. In addition, the feeling of achievement when you finish the level with all the collected treasures is really good, and the developers really made it. Even if you miss some of the treasures, you will be able to play the levels again, and since most of them are quite short, it will not be too frustrating or boring.

Witcheye’s soundtrack is very well done. You will notice instantly that, although the music certainly has that retro atmosphere, the quality of the soundtrack is well above the 8-bit era, which is understandable and a good thing, to be honest. Both sound effects and music fit incredibly well with all pixelated art, and you will most likely find it enjoyable.


  • Unique and intuitive controls innovative for mobile devices
  • 50+ fast-paced levels with over 100 enemies in unique environments with bosses and minibosses
  • Cool old school pixel art visual style
  • 30+ original old school 16-bit soundtracks
  • Unlock-able modes, challenges, and other bonuses, including the Hard Mode with remixed levels and enemies

In addition to presenting the favorite pixel art of fans, this game has crazy platform action and ideas that are out of this world and is followed by a wonderful soundtrack, just what we love about the old days. The official motto of the game is “an amazing adventure,” and you play like an amazing eye.

The game has been developed taking into account the touch screen controls since you will have an exploding action never seen before. Your character, the Witcheye, can be controlled by sliding in the direction you want it to float, as it will bounce off obstacles, buildings, and even enemies, avoiding danger and solving riddles. More than 50 levels are waiting for all lovers of the old-school platform.

However, there are still small developers out there dedicated to exploring the platform’s potential beyond just seeing the different ways in which they can extract money from people through the mechanics of porridge. You have to look for them, or in the case of Witcheye, have Digital Return flood your Twitter feed with posts about the game until you can’t ignore it.

In this game, you play as a witch chasing a thief knight who stole the key ingredients of a potion she was preparing and a lot of her jewelry. Instead of chasing the knight on foot, the witch transforms into a large eyeball to go after him. You can also touch the screen to stop the eye instead, and that’s it. That’s all you need to know to play this game. It is incredibly simple and intuitive while showing me how bad I am when sliding in a straight line.

Witchery is a great and colorful old-school platform adventure with a unique touch screen control system that provides unmatched control over the hero—swipe to move and tap to stop, bouncing between enemies and dodging dangers in six vibrant worlds.

Embark on an adventure like a gentle witch that transforms into an eyeball of revenge after a torn knight and wizard steal the ingredients of her spell. You will guide her through more than 50 levels with something unique: new difficult enemies, new mysterious environments, and new puzzling secrets. These elements come alive with colorful and clean pixel art and a lively and vibrant original soundtrack.