Wreckfest Patch Notes Update

Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.46 for PS4, PC and Xbox One

Bugbear released a new update for Wreckfest today, The Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.46 update also features some much-requested features such as Steam Cloud support and Steam Achievements and a whole host of other neat improvements such as improved offline and online performance, third damage mode, user interface improvements and so on.

Wreckfest Patch 1.46 is now available for download, for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The Tournament Update adds new Tournament Season Time Attack and Stability and performance improvements.

we have all the info about the Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.46.

Wreckfest Patch Notes Update

Wreckfest Patch Notes 1.46

Wreckfest Update 1.46 Game version

  • Xbox:
  • PS4: 1.46
  • PC: 1.260574


  • Game no longer constantly crashes when trying to enter the “Destroy All Supervans!” career event.
  • Game no longer infrequently crashes when proceeding from the results screen in the tournament mode.
  • In multiplayer, game no longer crashes when the host leaves the game and the client is in the Paint Menu.
  • Reward paints no longer vanish from the player inventory when changing paint.
  • (PS4) Game no longer occasionally crashes shortly after reaching gameplay in tournament mode.
  • (PS4) Game no longer sporadically crashes when trying to adjust tuning settings.
  • (XB1) Title no longer crashes when switching to another profile.
  • (XB1) Title no longer crashes when connecting to a multiplayer server.
  • (PS4) Title no longer eventually crashes to analytics upload failing.


  • Playing a tournament event now rewards the player with experience.
  • Reduced the score multiplier decrease rate during tournament mode “Score Streak” events.
  • Reduced the AI Players aggression during tournament mode “Score Streak” events.
  • (XB1) Correct rankings and targets should now be shown properly even for the small number of users who previously had issues.
  • (PS4) After entering the tournament mode, tournament information is now correctly displayed without going back and forth.
  • (PC) Tournament event information is displayed quicker after entering tournament mode.

Wreckfest Patch Notes Update 1.46 GAMEPLAY

  • Improved Panther RS suspension setups.
  • Improved Boomer suspension setups.
  • (*PC) AI Harvester is no longer faster than player harvester.


  • Next track in the event rotation is now selected in tiebreaker situations (instead of it being skipped like previously).
  • (PC) It’s now possible to define 96 users on a dedicated server.
  • (*PC) Idle detection now works again so players idling in a multiplayer event will be kicked after a period of inactivity.


  • Killerpig: Fix sound pitch mismatch between on/offload states near max rpm.
  • (*PC) Adjusted lawnmower engine sound for louder offload volume.
  • (*PC) Mixdown adjustments for driver contact sounds.
  • (*PC) Audio asset size optimizations for driver contact sounds.
  • (*PC) Driver body-to-ground contact sounds now change according to vehicle road surface.
  • (*PC) Tighter volume roll-off based on camera distance (max. audible range 20 meters / ~65.6 feet).
  • (*PC) Added distance based playback prioritization to driver contact sounds.
  • (*PC) Added triggering delay randomization to increase variety with driver contact sound sequences.


  • (PC) Improved Steam Cloud integration. Note that from now on the save data is located in “[STEAM INSTALL FOLDER]/userdata/[STEAMID]/228380” with the old data in the “Documents” folder being automatically copied over after launching the title for the first time after updating.
    Appropriate prompts are shown to the user whenever a save data mismatch is detected between local and cloud data.
  • (PC) Improved corrupt save data detection by adding a size check and filtering out files with broken headers in order to prevent corrupted save data being uploaded to Steam Cloud and possibly preventing the game from launching.
    Whenever corrupt data is detected, the user is shown an appropriate prompt.