Zombie Army 4 New Trailer and Release Date Announced

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be released for PlayStation 4 on February 4, 2020, which means it will be released in the same month as The Last Of Us Part 2. Witness the rise of the walking dead as the date progresses. Trailer below.

In Zombie Army 4: Dead War, players can enjoy the same cooperative gameplay they expect from the Zombie Army Trilogy, the zombie derived titles for each Sniper Elite game. This time, players are working to survive in southern Europe, which has been occupied by Hitler’s army of undead nightmares.

According to those who played a demonstration of the game on E3 2019, there is a strong influence of the 80’s movie in the game, most notable in the music that plays about the cries of the walking dead. The gameplay remains the same as the rest of the series, players must work in each area by selecting the walking dead and surviving the waves while attacking.

There are a number of variations within Hitler’s undead army. In the trailer, we see the basic zombie that just wobbles, easy to hit with a car or a bullet. There are also explosive zombies, which seem terrifying. These enemies will run to the living and try to kill them while they explode. Another zombie variant was a specialist in close combat, who seemed to have organic knives instead of arms. It seems that this enemy will rush players and try to cause as much damage as possible.

Zombie Army 4 New Trailer and Release Date Announced
Zombie Army 4 New Trailer and Release Date Announced

The other melee zombie specialist is a great creature that seems to suffer a lot of damage. The beast wields a kind of saw and throws it at the players near them. Finally, there is a hidden zombie leader who seems to be able to summon zombies and improve those around him to cause more damage.

Right at the end of the trailer, we can see Zombie Hitler himself floating on his legion of undead. Hitler is likely to be a boss character right at the end of the campaign for Zombie Army 4: Dead War, but there will be many other bosses along the way. The most notable among the biggest enemies in the trailer is a tank that is held together by human flesh. This zombie tank can still fire, and it will be necessary to eliminate it with tactical sniper shots.

The preview of the release date of Zombie Army 4: Dead War also includes a look at the collector’s edition of the game. This premium version of the game comes with a Zombie Shark figure, an exclusive collector’s box, the Undead Airman Character Pack, an art book and a steel case.


The Zombie Army franchise takes many liberties with the characters and the world of Sniper Elite. It will be interesting to see what other horrors await us in Zombie Army 4: Dead War when the game is released early next year. A pre-order bonus has been revealed, which gives anyone who orders the game before the launch date free access to the Undead Airman Character Pack DLC.