ARK Genesis: How to tame Bloodstalkers (Guide)

The Bloodstalker in ARK Genesis is a very special creature. It hugs you like an exoskeleton; you can climb anywhere and move from A to B at lightning speed. Taming the Bloodstalkers is not that easy; we’ll tell you how to get a riding spider like this.

How to tame Bloodstalkers

Among the new dinosaurs, the giant turtle is one of the favourites of many players, but the Bloodstalker is the most mobile. His long legs allow him to get anywhere and movement at great heights is also no problem thanks to the spider threads.

ARK Genesis: Here you can find the Bloodstalkers

The Bloodstalker is at home in the tall trees of the swamp biome in Genesis. The area is one of the easiest in the DLC, but there are still some dangers lurking here like the intrusive swarms of insects. If you look at the tops of the trees, you can see the Bloodstalkers hanging on the thick branches as they lurk for their prey.

ARK: Collect your blood and use it to tame the bloodstalkers

Before you venture into a Bloodstalker, you need a few packets of blood. To create a blood pack, you need to make an infusion. You only need per infusion:

  • 10 leather
  • 1 chitin or keratin

Make about 200 of them and take the blood from yourself or your friends. But be careful! The blood pack only lasts 30 minutes in your inventory and you lose 25 life points when you draw the blood. So you have to sacrifice about 5000 life points to get the necessary amount of blood packs – hardly feasible alone.

Little trick: go to a safe place, draw your own blood until you die and repeat the whole procedure after a respawn.

What now? If you have enough blood packs together, put them in your feed slot and go to the location of the Bloodstalker. He will pull you up with his threads to suck your blood out. Instead of your blood, the blood packs are now sucked empty and the taming process begins.

ARK Genesis How To Tame The BloodStalker (VIDEO GUIDE)

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