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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Easter Egg Found in New Map

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare continues to get significant new updates thanks to Infinity Ward and Activision. Season 4 got another major update called “Season 4 Reloaded”, which includes a lot of additions to Warzone and Modern Warfare as well. Fans were a bit annoyed by the size of the update, but the plugins are exciting.

Many weapon modifications, a new map have been announced, and Team Defender game mode has returned. Land warfare, combat planner, 24/7 shootout, Gunfight tournaments, Realism Mosh pit, are now also available.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare new Easter Egg

A new map called “Cheshire Park” has been added to Modern Warfare, which was drawn up in London. The map shows a statue of Pied Piper where an Easter egg was discovered. The story of Pied Piper is a German legend where the town hired a bagpipe to get rid of mice in the city. But when city people refused to pay, he played a melody, which made all the kids in the town follow him.

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Returning to the map, you need to find and destroy five traps that spawn at random locations on the map. There is no specific position for each trap, and the other one only appears when you kill one. Once you destroy the fifth trap, it will spawn a slice of cheese that you can catch.

After that, you must find the cheese wheel that has a missing piece, precisely the size of the article that you got. You can find this cheese wheel in many locations on the map. Once finished, take the cheese wheel to the tube statue and watch the Easter egg unfold.

You will hear a song being played, and a swarm of rats will start around the statue. Once the song stops, the mice will explode, leaving behind colourful smoke.

The popular gaming channel VideoRevolution uploaded a video explaining how it works. Take a look:

Easter eggs have been a part of games for a long time. Also, the map appeared only yesterday, and players have already found an Easter egg, which is commendable. We can’t wait to see what Infinity Ward has in store for us afterwards.

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Source: EssentiallySports

Modern Warfare Warzone is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC. Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest Modern Warfare Warzone content drop news for the game.