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Destiny 2 will finally introduce Season 9 – Whats new

More and more players want to know when Bungie presents the new Season 9 of Destiny 2 . Because tangible information is so far in short supply. Now the studio has announced an appointment. We summarize what you already know about the new season.

Many caretakers are interested in this: many a player becomes increasingly nervous. Because soon the current season 8 ends . This is already in their last days. But there is hardly any information about the new season.

Destiny 2 – NEW SEASON! New Perks Exotic Changes

Destiny 2! New Season! Season 9! Season of Dawn! Exotic Changes! New Solar Perks! Buffs, Nerfs and so much more!

When exactly will the season 9 be presented?

In the current “This Week at Bungie” blog, the studio has finally given a specific date.

So the upcoming Season 9 will be revealed in a live stream on Wednesday the 4th of December. You can watch the stream on YouTube, Mixer or Twitch.

We are currently fighting an invasion of Vex in Season 8. In the Vex offensive in Destiny 2 is recently the final attack active, but the machine-beings are not yet finally defeated, so there was no real finale: The Vex offensive disappointed many guardians last .

The finale is yet to come. This has already been announced by Bungie. So it was said:

“It’s still not clear what your victory has done, but the closer to next season, the more you’ll learn about how the world evolves. “

Should this further development of the world not take place until the end of Season 8, then this topic will probably be taken up again in Season 9 or continued – at least at the beginning.

In addition, it should go in general in Season 9, the “fix the timeline” (Fix the Timeline). That, too, has already leaked without concrete explanation.

Some assume that in our fight against the Vex, who can move in time, something goes wrong and the Guardians have to turn it back straight.

Also, the story of Shadowkeep had an open ending and raised more questions than it answered. So, hopefully, guardians can look forward to continuing this storyline around the mysterious darkness.

However, the new season may have something to do with the sun. This is not only the name and a focus on the solar classes of guardians close – it is also in TWaB from 21.11. “… what awaits you when you pay homage to the sun next season.”

These changes are already known: At the start of Season 9, a major update is expected to bring numerous sandbox customizations and “Quality of Life” improvements into play. So far, extensive changes have been made to Guardian’s Solar Focus, as well as some Buffs and Nerfs on weapons.

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When does the season 8 end?

You will not have much time left. The first season of year 3, the season of the imperishable , ends with the Weekly Reset on December 10th.

Accordingly, there is little time to complete certain seasonal goals. We’ll show you where in the season of the transient so slowly hurry is announced.

Afterwards, season 9, the Season of the Dawn, will start immediately afterwards.