Diablo 3: power-level trick Takes you level Max in 1 Minute

Do you want to bring your second characters in Season 20 of Diablo 3 to 70 as quickly as possible? No problem. In the video, you can see how you can reach level 70 in just under a minute.

What is this method?

Diablo 3 power-level a video, Diablo 3 player Ariacilon presents his power level method for Season 20. He equips equipment that increases the amount of gold he receives from opponents.

In combination with this, his bracers ensure that the gold collected is converted into experience points. Then he storms into a goblin portal with a teammate and sticks his pockets full of gold and his character full of experience points.

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This power level is already a lot of fun when watching the video.

So you can imitate it and quickly get to 70

How does it work? The video is commented on reddit and YouTube players who are wondering how it works. Ariacilon essentially relies on gold find gear and the bracers that convert gold into experience points.

He carries the gems gift of the collector and jewel of lightness . The following gear:

In addition, the Goldfind bonus with Paragon points was brought to the maximum.

Here’s how it continues: In the video, the player from Ariacilon opens a goblin portal on Qual 6 with an ancient braided ring. Because the ring is ancient, there are more goblins and therefore more gold.

Now Ariacilon only has to collect the gold everywhere and receives a lot of experience points. If you want to do it in style, use this cool bat pet to collect the gold.

There are also a few more experience points from the legendary gem, the jewel of lightness, which awards the wearer a large amount of XP for killing monsters.

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