Our Tier List features the finest classes for Season 2 in Diablo 4, as well as an overview of the best builds for each class. We will quickly outline what they can do and, if accessible, direct you to our guides.

Which classes are the best in patch 1.2.0?

According to maxroll.gg, with patch 1.2.0, the necromancer, hunter, sorcerer, and druid will all have at least one S-tier build. Following this are A-Tier Barbarians, who have a maximum of three constructions.

Who develops the Tier List?

For the data, we use the Tier List from maxroll.gg which is generated using testing and math. The data is the work of experts Rob, Wudijo, Northwar, Facefoot, Raxxanterax, and Chewignom.

In the following part, we will list up to 3 builds per class with appropriate links so that you can recreate these builds when the time comes.

What do the letters “S” to “D” stand for in the Tier List? The Tier List organizes the builds alphabetically. In this scenario, “S” represents the best build and “D” represents the worst.

Let’s jump into the world of Diablo 4 and uncover the builds that will help you triumph in Sanctuary.

Best Leveling Builds for Diablo 4 Season 2:

These are the best builds to level up your character in Season of Blood:

S TierTwisting Blades RogueChain Lightning SorcBlood Surge NecroSummoner Sever NecroBlood Surge Necro
A TierFlurry RogueBarrage RogueUpheaval BarbarianIce Shards SorcBarrage RogueBlight Necro
B TierBone Spear NecroArc Lash SorcPenetrating Shot RogueHotA BarbarianThorns BarbarianShred Druid
C TierPure Summoner NecroPulverize DruidBlood Lance NecroWhirlwind Barbarian
D TierLandslide DruidCompanion Druid Double Swing Barb

The Best Endgame Builds for Diablo 4 Season 2:

These are the best builds to progress your character through the endgame in Season of Blood:

S TierStormclaw DruidTwisting Blades RoguePulverize DruidFirewall SorcBone Spear Necro
A TierDeath Trap RogueIce Shards SorcBarrage RogueWerenado DruidEarthquake BarbBlood Lance NecroPenetrating Shot RogueBlizzard SorcUpheaval BarbHotA Barb
B TierTrampleslide DruidMeteor SorcPure Summoner NecroLightning DruidBloodsurge NecroWhirlwind BarbThorns BarbBlight Necro
C TierLightning Shred DruidArc Lash SorcPoison Shred DruidFireball Sorc
D TierCompanion DruidSever NecroFrozen Orb Sorc

The Best PVP Builds for Diablo 4 Season 2:

PvP is a bit more niche in Diablo 4, so while there won’t be a tier list, here are some suggested builds for each class you can try when fighting others players:

SorcererIce Shards Sorcerer
BarbarianHotA Barbarian
DruidStormclaw Druid
NecromancerBone Spear Necro
RogueTwisting Blades Rogue

These are our recommendations for the finest Diablo 4 Season 2 leveling, endgame, and PVP builds. Make sure to check out our other Season of Blood content on the website.