Fortnite Winterfest: How To Find The Snowball Launcher

How to find the Snowball Launcher in the game in the fastest and easiest way possible. Many people are struggling to find a snowball launcher. Snowball Launcher uses one of the challenges here in Winterfest to harm his opponents.

This guide will help those who fought and who have difficulty finding one so that they can overcome this challenge very quickly.

What is the Fortnite snowball launcher?

This is one of the weapons that we will have to find and use during the Winterfest event, and the task we will have to complete is to damage 200 opponents with this launcher.

This weapon is able to inflict major damage on the impact zone and is extremely fast to reload. When you fire a radius of an explosion, you can hurt it, so we recommend that you be very attentive to the distance and if the place you are in is very closed.

How To Find The Snowball Launcher (Guide)

1: Enter in Team Rumble game mode

So, the best gameplay you want to play to get a snowball launcher is the team’s roar. The reason is that you will obviously have to find more boxes. With many crates on the map and looting everywhere, you’ll also have fewer in-game players who will take advantage of your chances.

If you play alone, you can land in a place with 20 other people and not get many boxes. If you play in teams, you know that you may face the same situation. You may meet your teammates, who are taking your chest. But in Team Rumble, there are only 20 players on your team, and you have half the map to work on.

1: Jump off the bus later you can

So you want to play Team Rumble and finally want to jump off the bus. You want to travel on the bus until a good distance has passed and try to move to a place with a name far from the starting circle. If you do this in general, you will not meet anyone on the map.

Most of the time, if you go too far from the first circle of Rumble and jump from the bus to the last part of your journey, you won’t have to worry about knowing if you have any competition.

3: Go To Christmas Tree in middle first

I personally went to the retail class and I had another person who was there with me. It was very very easy. I found it very fast. One thing I would recommend anywhere you go, first is to go to the Christmas tree in the middle. The Christmas tree is located in almost all of the specified locations, and there are three boxes available to open around the Christmas Tree.

Then you can remove three boxes very quickly. Fortunately for me, I found a snowball under the Christmas tree, respectively.

Then, if they go to a place with a name, away from the first circle, near the end of the bus, they will not meet many people, and they will again make sure to hit the Christmas tree in the middle first. Because there are obviously three boxes, you have a much better chance of hitting them.

If you are so lucky and you can’t get a snowball launcher in any of the boxes at the location of the name you’re going to go, just go back to another game, and you’ll be able to do it again and find one. Last but not least, it shouldn’t take you long.

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4: Find Ice Boxes (Easiest)

Find ice boxes where you have a high rate of ejector snowballs. Dirty docks have many ice boxes. Look for it and crush it and you will see the snowball launcher in front of you. There are other sites where you can find snowboards, as well as Sweaty Sands, but they don’t have much compared to Dirty Docks.

You can check out this video if you are having trouble finding it.