How to Fix the LEGO Fortnite “Villagers Not Working” Error

Follow this short guide to fix the “Villagers Not Working” error in LEGO Fortnite. Recently, a lot of LEGO Fortnite fans have written about having trouble getting their villagers to work right in the game. People who play LEGO Fortnite have said that the villagers don’t work right. These characters that aren’t players are an important part of the game because they give you tools and help. If they stop working, it can really slow things down. Follow this short guide to fix the “Villagers Not Working” error in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Fix “Villagers Not Working” Error in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite "Villagers Not Working

To fix the problem and start villager chores again, do these three quick steps:

  • Move buildings and machines that are in the wrong place so that people can get to them. Face the open paths.
  • Check how far tasks are from homes. As needed, move homes closer together.
  • Check the routes to the spots for any obstacles. Get rid of the barriers.

Some users also found that letting the world server reset after a game session made people take on their duties again.

Why LEGO Fortnite “Villagers Not Working”

There are a few common reasons why LEGO Fortnite people might stop responding and not finish their tasks:

How to Put Machines in the Right Place

The machines the locals use must be set up so that the side that can be reached faces an open path; otherwise, the villagers won’t be able to use them. Access will be blocked for sure if houses are placed against walls or other obstacles.

How far away from workstations

If a villager’s desk is too far away, they might not bother making the long trip to start work. Building homes near places of work will fix this.

Problem on the road

Objects blocking the way to work areas also keep people from getting where they want to go. Taking down hurdles makes the way clear.

So there you have it! With these tips, LEGO Fortnite players can get the people back on track to build, gather, and help the economy of the island. Allow us to know if we can further clarify anything!