16 Most Popular Mobile Games to Play 

Most game developers include these games in their portfolios. We want our users not to experience download regret. All developers want their games to be world-class mobile games. Almost every game is free, sometimes a little bit more expensive. Playing a mobile game is fun, even with people who cannot meet you. 

Cover Fire: Offline shooting 

Coverfire: Offline Shooting will get you out into battle for a moment. You are in charge of leading the game and earning the title of the top sniper. Sniper FSOPs introduce the latest modes of play. Once you get your call to work, your only thought will be to fight enemies in battle with a speedy opponent. Each additional target gives an average life span of 3 seconds. I recommend everyone try this free zombie event! You just have to destroy zombies. Do you dare to be the survival hero? The best shooter must stay in front of the line. These addictive sniper shooters are fighting the Tetracorp corporation. 

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is among the top mobile games played worldwide. The game is built on solid shoot-out gameplay. The competent mobile game from the original PC game can be played in

the first or third person. This is very good for fans who love Battle Royale, with many map options and an upcoming update. In a PC version of PUBG, it essentially became an innovative BattleRound game. Eventually, it shrinks to attract more players. The Maps for PUBG mobile have been similar to PCs, even map names have been similar to the ones used. 

Clash of Clans

To be a serious gamer, you must know the best mobile game genres and strategy genres. The first Supercell game to launch in 2012 was “Clash of Clans,” an epic strategic story. Despite the aforementioned difficulties, it proved extremely popular for both the iPhones and the Android OS. 4.5 stars were given, and over 500 million downloads were recorded. The gameplay consists of building a whole village while attacking other villages created in varying ways. With the Summer June Update, the player is diving deep into a new tool and the more complex troop and building levels of a new Town Hall 14 game! For those who are interested in expanding their gameplay, there are platforms where you can buy and sell clans in CoC, adding another layer of strategy and engagement to the game.

GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) 

Grand Theft Auto – V is the world’s first smartphone game that redefines the open-world game with several different aspects. It is a remake of GTA’s title and is among the popular smartphone games that take you to San Andreas. Michael Trevor and Franklin form the main characters of the story. They possess unique characteristics, which often lead them into new problems at play for the player. It’s beautiful, massive, and naturally varied. It is an extensive, satirical recreation of the modern south coast with mountain and beach views, shopping complexes and strip malls, and natural surroundings.


To no surprise, GRIS is gaining worldwide popularity with more than 2 billion downloads. What is most important to GRIS is its colour. Usually, a name is used to describe people, a colour name and the beginning is black and white. This is very logical in the internal world of an important character. The entire gameplay is about identifying colors. The games are different but almost similar to making a movie. Everything was sketched with a pen and then colored to determine its depth. There are no games here, but it’s melancholy. Downloads are available to iOS or Android users. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security breach 

Even if there will be success with mobile games in every vertical by 2022, Five Nights At Freddy: Security breaches dominate everything else. These indie games have horrifying and extremely complicated timeframes of Freddy. The show was filmed in Chuck E Cheese-style pizzerias (called Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizzerias), full of arcades and balloons and terrifying animatronic creatures we were terrified of in our time of youth. Then play Gregory, who is stuck in an overnight hotel. You should be very careful with surveillance cameras. If you want to sell indie game, you can find everything you need to know here. 

Subway Surfers 

Subway Surfers have no limits on the fun! Since 2012, this blockbuster game has celebrated street cultures and topped video game charts occasionally. There is an endless chase by the character aiming to avoid getting caught by the police & his dogs. During races on different track races, one can avoid vehicles and trains while also using cooler boards and jet packs. The journey is always exciting. There are a variety of season hunts, missions, and an incredible 20+ engaging characters for you to discover. If you have an advanced score, use magnets as a critical tool. 

Beach Buggy Racing 

The sequel to Beach Buggy Blitz – Beach buggy racing is one of the most straightforward game formats and graphically intensive games for iPhone and Android. New versions are available with the Metal API, exclusively for iOS 8 users. It would be excellent for you to see incredible graphic detail with an iPad demo. The control buttons can be pushed or turned manually using the button. When your tickets are empty, and you are having trouble refilling them for FREE, this is a quick way of recovering them. You can now get all tickets for the day at the price you want. 

Stranger Things: The Game

Stranger Things: The Game was released in August 2019. This story is identical. But it also gives you additional errands to finish, making it entertaining. The game lets you face 4 different bosses depending on your device. The game is an adventure game and allows you to visit Hawkins and the surroundings, solve puzzles, collect Eggo or Gnome, and solve mysteries. 

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket editions are a portable edition of Minecraft’s legendary PC game. The application can be used on any smartphone and tablet type. The app can run on iOS and Android devices. The mobile version has similar games as the PC version. It’s available for trial and paid versions if you choose the free version. Game designers have choices for playing either creative modes, where they get all resources, or they play survival, where they don’t know anything about inventory or have to get everything out from scratch. 

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall 

Game of Thrones is the biggest web series breaking numerous records. Even though Season 7 ended badly, fans enjoyed it. Behaviour Interactive is preparing for Game tv Beyond a Wall as part of an ongoing collaboration with HBO and GaE. This project is currently being tested internally and exclusively with the GOT community. Nevertheless, some feature was shared with the GOT community via Reddit. The Lord Commander of Nightwatch can play the role of a previous commander of Blood River. 

Assassin Creed: Valhalla 

These best mobile games are all about gamers, particularly those easily found on Google Play and Apple Stores. As in the original Assassin’s Creed series Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey follows the franchise’s path to a full-fledged RPG. Valhalla is particularly interested in restoring Dark Age England. Become Eivor, an acclaimed Viking explorer in the Assassin’s crime-crime Valhalla. This most common iPhone game offers many things to do and experience Valhalla surroundings. 

Legends of Runeterra 

Legend of Runeterra is a top-rated online digital collectible game. It has been released by Riot Games, the creators of “Liv of Legends,” and takes place in the League of Legends universe and includes locations and characters from the game. It challenges players to participate, and the players use various cards to defeat opponents. It’s just necessary to bring it into a competitor. Every player begins a game using four cards randomly picked. 

GRID Autosport

The case against Epic was about 70% of app store revenues – an incredible wake-up call for renowned game developers. GRID Autosport is a famous brand known for its powerful “Funny car” because it is ordinary and represents GRID Autosport’s peak in drag. The feeling of driving a car has an all-out assault on our sense of touch. GRID Autosport makes mobile phones feel like consoles. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty dominates the gaming world through graphics, smoothly playable gameplay, and fans’ favorite map from COD history. The game has two types for players: Fun never ends here, and these mobiles are addictive in 2018. In the latest version of the game, the team added several new gameplay modes, including zombie action and shooter-vs.-sniper fights. A map was recently added called “Summit”. Become a Call of Duty classic. 

Genshin Impact

Gen Shin Impact is ranked the #1 game in the open-world action roleplaying genre. The most popular games are free exploration RPGs that are played anywhere. So you’ll see two magical twins roaming the universe for no apparent reason (to find one another). So the self-proclaimed goddess kidnaps one, leaving them to search for their sister’s home. 


These are the most popular mobile games that we predict will be played in 2022. Some are sequels to existing and well-loved franchises, while others are new IPs altogether. What all of these games have in common is that they look entertaining and promising, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them when they release. Are there any other upcoming mobile games that you’re excited about?